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Citations for Psychology

Psychology research almost always uses APA citations—it's the citation style of the American Psychological Association after all! Check your assignment guidelines to be certain you're using the correct citation style for your project. The resources on this page will help you learn how to accurately format APA citations, and you can always contact the library or the UVU Writing Center for help.

Using Database Citation Tools

Many library databases include a citation tool that automatically generates citations for you, in a variety of styles—this is a great time saving feature! When you've found an article, book, or other item in a library database that you'd like to use, look for a button labeled Cite or Citation, then copy the citation in the style you need. However, these citations may contain formatting errors or missing information, since they're not actually made by a human. Be sure to proofread citations made by citation generators, and edit any mistakes! Use the citation resources on this page to help with this.

APA Citation Style

APA is the citation style commonly used for research in the social and behavioral sciences, business, education, and the sciences. The following resources will help you learn how to format APA citations.

Library Help

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